London Restaurant Recs

I get a lot of people reach out to ask me for London restaurant recommendations. I’m putting them here. I will not link to them. You have Google and you’re an adult. Also, I’m doing a UK tour and I’ve got shows in London. Click here for tickets.

Bibimbap – Quick but cool hot stone bowl restaurant – you’ve heard of Bibimbaps – here are a few around Soho. Get the jap chae noodles.

Lima – Rathbone Place. Fancy and creative Peruvian food. It’s expensive as all get out. In 2012, like 15 Peruvian restaurants opened in London. By 2016, most were gone. This baby’s stayed because it’s great.

Qua Vadis / Dean Street Townhouse – Across the street from each other. Solid, Soho House-y food. Go if you’re basic as hell.

J Sheekey’s – Old school fancy fish place people like Stephen Fry love. Shockingly affordable, the fish pie is good. If you don’t care about judgy looks, dress how you want.

Bodean’s – BBQ place. Pretty good. There are a few around London now. I think they’ve gotten a bit overextended and they’ve closed one or two.

Tonkotsu – Good ramen on Dean Street. There’s an East version in Haggerston. I don’t like British ramen that much but this is OK. Other London ramen places: Shoryu.

Bone Daddies – a bit basic.

Monohan – great vibe, great noodles.

Kanada-ya – which I love.

Cocoro – very good value, your 13 quid goes a long way.

Yuatcha – I think overrated but a lot of people love it. There are some good basic rolls.

Mildred’s – The best vegetarian restaurant i’ve ever been to. So good you wouldn’t even know it’s vegetarian. Some people eat there 5 or 6 times a week. I highly recommend you try it.

Bao – A bao place next to Mildred’s. It’s a very hot cronuts-type spot with only a few seats. If there’s not a huge line just get in there, k? The mushroom bao is great if they have it.

Foyle’s – Soho has a ton of bookstores on Charing Cross road but this is the most famous/iconic, obviously. I go because the staff knows everything about every book.

Gosh! – The UK’s best comic book store.

Slam City Skates – A GREAT skate store especially the West London version.

Tokyo Diner – in Chinatown just south of Soho there’s a fun little Japanese diner tucked away. The food there is reliable and delicious. Quality has dropped a bit, IMHO.

Here are some other great Chinatown places: 

The Palomar – not Chinese, but really interesting.

Dumplings’ Legend – really good… dumplings. 

Imperial China – stop in just to see it it’s a funny little place –


Shan’s State – Try the State noodles.

Leong’s Legend – mixes a bunch of different cultures on their menu.

TPT cafe.

Four Season (lot of meat here).

Moro – Exmouth Market – Exmouth is a food market and I think Moro is the best place to visit in there. It’s North African/Mediterranean food, but very fun and accessible. 

The Breakfast Club – D’Arblay Street – An amazing place for… breakfast. 

The above are all central London.

In Hackney – East London – I would recommend Mangal 2, The Laughing Heart, Brawn, The Marksman, and Lyle’s. They’re all classic British food except Brawn which is Franco-Italian. The Clove Club is also in East London and is a bit fancier but worth it. 

Ellory has a daily changing menu and is pricey but one of my faves. 

The Richmond is London’s first raw seafood bar. I could do without but ppl love it. 

Death by Burrito has decent burritos. 

Dishoom has fancy Indian food but take a punt on Mangal 2 or any of the places on brick lane – tourist traps all of them but worth it. 

Back in Five Minutes is a speakeasy with OK food but an amazing feel. 

Polpo on Beak Street in Soho – has a Spitalfields version in East London. It’s Italian food that’s heavy on tentacled stuff which again isn’t my deal because of Kosher stuff but hugely popular. 

Maeve’s Kitchen in Lower Clapton has a cool theatre-related backstory. 

1 Lombard Street is again near Bank station. Has a few places. I like the Dome bar menu best. 

City Caphe does good Vietnamese food, also near Bank. 

Core has a good vibe – near the Ned – and has its own ping pong tables. 

Other odds and ends: The Secret Larder supper club on Holloway Road. Same ppl have done pidgin in Hackney. Which is great too. V good vegetarian options. 

I’ll keep adding to this and if you have recs, send me an email on the contact me page.