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How I learned to love the British sense of humour

The first UK comedy show I ever performed was a total mess. It was in 2012 and it took place at a theatre near King’s Cross that was […]


Steve Martin: a ham-fisted entertainer who’s in on the joke

I am a Steve Martin completest. I love him for his comedy albums (hits and flops alike), his magic performances and talk show appearances, his acceptance speeches and movie roles […]


Alex Edelman Makes Religion a Laughing Matter

AGE 26 HOMETOWN Brookline, Mass. NOW LIVES In a book-strewn one-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side, which is sparsely decorated because Mr. Edelman has been on the road so much […]


Millennial Comedian And Writer Alex Edelman Says The Term Is A ‘Garbage Phrase’

Writer Alex Edelman is a millennial, but he doesn’t like the label much, nor does he enjoy the way Generation Y is characterized in the media — entitled, […]


I absolutely don’t want to meet a koala

April marked my first visit to the Melbourne international comedy festival – indeed, my first visit to Melbourne – and the folks organising the international contingent have been very good […]


Yes, millennials are ‘dumbasses’ for being scared of vaccinations

A recent YouGov poll, surveying a thousand people (hopefully not fully representative of the entire US public) found that a significant percentage of American adults believe a theory thoroughly […]


What the Brosurance and Creepy Uncle Sam Ads Don’t Get About Millennials

There’s a term that those in the health-care conversation use to describe my age group. Ordinarily, we’re known as Millennials, Generation Y, or just plain “young people”—it depends […]